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Comprehensive Hearing Testing

Comprehensive Hearing Testing identifies hearing disorders that interfere with the ability to communicate and socialize, and quality of life. This test battery measures the degree and type of hearing loss which determines the appropriate intervention and treatment.

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)

Auditory Brainstem Response testing is an objective, non-invasive procedure that evaluates the integrity of the hearing nerve. In addition, this test is utilized to estimate hearing thresholds in newborns and in those patients who are difficult to evaluate behaviorally.

Tinnitus and/or Hyperacusis

Tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and hyperacusis (hypersensitivity to sound) treatment programs are available. Dr. Jill Meltzer works with patients to determine suitable treatment programs.

Videonystagmography (VNG)

Videonystagmography testing is used in the evaluation of patients with vertigo or dizziness. The test determines if the symptoms are related to a problem with the balance system of the inner ear.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)

Otoacoustic Emissions testing evaluates cochlear (inner ear) function and is useful in the assessment of newborns and small children. This type of test is used for individuals who have a history of noise exposure, tinnitus or ringing in the ear, or those taking medications that are toxic to the hearing system.

Hearing Aids

North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab is dedicated to providing high quality hearing healthcare. We participate in on-going continuing education to assure proficiency in the latest hearing aid technology. When hearing aids are indicated, we will provide exceptional service, counseling, and post-fit rehabilitative care. We are sensitive to your unique amplification needs and cosmetic concerns. We also offer hearing aid maintenance and repair services.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD)

These specialized options include: amplified telephones, infrared systems to hear television, amplified doorbells, amplified smoke detectors, alarm clocks, etc.

FM Systems

FM systems are specific ALDs used in conjunction with hearing aids. They are particularly helpful for individuals who need additional benefit in noisy listening environments (classrooms, restaurants, meetings, etc.).

Ear Protection

Options consist of custom musician's plugs and custom noise plugs. Musician's plugs are available with 9dB, 15dB, and 25dB filters and attenuate equally across the frequency range for a smooth, undistorted response

Custom swim plugs and custom earpieces for cell phones are also available.

Payment Options

Medicare does not cover hearing aids or diagnostic testing for the purpose of hearing aids. Most commercial insurance plans do not cover hearing aids, though diagnostic services may be covered in accordance with your insurance plan benefits.