Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids
Highland Park, IL Hearing Aids

Meet the Audiologists

Paul Pessis, Au.D.

Dr. Pessis is the owner and founder of North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab. He has been practicing audiology for more than 40 years. He lectures nationwide and is an instructor for doctoral audiology students at Rush University in Chicago. He is active at both the national and state levels and is a past president of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), a 12,000-member national organization. He is also an Audiology representative for the American Medical Association (AMA) responsible for reviewing the valuation of clinical procedures.

On three occasions he has been honored with the AAA Distinguished Presidential Award for his contributions to the profession of Audiology and for addressing the needs of patients with hearing and balance disorders. He was to have received the Honors of the Association Award from the American Academy of Audiology at the annual convention acknowledging him as one of the leaders in advancing the profession of Audiology. However, due to COV-19, the honor is postponed until next year's national convention.

At the state level, he has received the Honors of the Association and the Illinois Presidential Award by the Illinois Academy of Audiology, which further acknowledges his dedication to the field of Audiology. Dr. Pessis was also selected and is currently serving as the sole audiology representative appointed to the Hearing Instrument Manufacturer's Software Association (HIMSA) Board, an international board that is comprised of the 5 major hearing aid company leaders. His reputation with his peers, colleagues, and patients has afforded him the privilege of being elected or appointed to numerous professional and association boards.

Dr. Pessis enjoys the challenges of ""everyday audiology"" at North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab (NSAVL). He and the staff of audiologists are committed to offering patients state-of-the-art care. His relationship with hearing aid manufacturers throughout the world allows NSAVL to be ""on the cutting edge,"" and frequently results in them being a beta site for technology not yet formally released to other audiology facilities. Patient loyalty is a testament to his long-standing dedication, skills, and unique ability to relate to the individual needs of his patients.

Deborah Milling, Au.D.

Dr. Milling is celebrating her 29th year as an audiologist with North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab.

She is proud to say that she has spent her entire career with this dynamic practice. Dr. Milling is a people person who feels that no problem is too big or too small to solve. She enjoys the challenges of a busy hearing and balance practice. Her patients describe her as a good listener who excels at taking a comprehensive case history and performing a relevant diagnostic examination. Once all desired information is obtained, she analyzes the information until she can secure a productive solution to the patient's hearing and/or balance problem(s). Her patients are attracted to her warmth and keen wit; she loves being an audiologist!

In short, Dr. Milling has enjoyed a productive tenure at North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab. Her patients enjoy her, and she takes pride in achieving quality patient care. It is a win-win for both her and the patients she evaluates and treats.

Tracy Murphy, Au.D.

Dr. Murphy has been providing services to patients at North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab since the start of her professional career in 1993. She has taken an active role in bringing contemporary hearing and balance care to her patients. Nothing pleases Dr. Murphy more than when patients report satisfaction with the hearing healthcare she provides. Furthermore, she feels rewarded when patients who have struggled with hearing loss or chronic dizziness find relief as a result of her therapeutic intervention. Dr. Murphy believes that being a successful practitioner is predicated on having a thorough understanding of a patient's medical history, performing the requisite test battery, and interpreting results so the patient is able to leave with a solution to the presenting problem.

Dr. Murphy has been active in state and national organizations, serving in roles that recognize her for her leadership abilities. In 2016, she was elected by her peers to serve on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Audiology. Dr. Murphy enjoys teaching and is an invited speaker at Rush and Northwestern Universities, was interviewed on the NBC weekend news about the impact of hearing loss in the workplace, and has been a guest on WGN Radio with host Bill Moller. In January 2017, Dr. Murphy was recognized for her contributions to the field of Audiology by receiving Honors of the Illinois Academy of Audiology. Dr. Murphy is an engaging people person and enjoys the daily challenges that define her scope of practice.

Kristine Trester, Au.D.

Dr. Trester joined the NSAVL team upon graduation from Rush University. Her philosophy is to obtain a comprehensive picture of the patient and his/her needs, which ultimately identifies the best course of treatment and/or rehabilitation. While at Rush, Dr. Trester served as the president of the local chapter of the Student Academy of Audiology, and served on a multi-disciplinary board working as a coalition to unite health sciences with medicine.

Dr. Trester has won several awards for research investigating the noise levels associated with the Chicago Transit Authority trains. She presented her research findings at both state and national conferences. She has also served on the board for the Illinois Academy of Audiology.

Dr. Trester's passion for Audiology stems from her personal experience with hearing loss. Having been born with hearing loss and currently wearing hearing aids, Dr. Trester empathizes with her patients and holds herself to high standards for both learning and providing exceptional patient care for optimal outcomes with amplification and other assistive devices. She prides herself on the ability to build a trusting relationship with her patients which leads to improved communication and exceptional patient success.

Mark Partain, Au.D.

Dr. Partain received his Doctorate of Audiology from Rush University, after completing his clinical education at Weill-Cornell Medicine in New York. He was drawn to audiology through a connection to hearing through being a lifelong musician, as well as seeing first-hand the familial and social effects of hearing loss.

Merle Gallagher, Senior Operations Coordinator

Merle Gallagher joined our practice in 2013. She prides herself in having high professional standards, and is focused on securing patient satisfaction. She is familiar with hearing aid technology and is knowledgeable in troubleshooting hearing aid performance issues.

Merle is friendly and loved by the patients she serves. The audiologists enjoy working with Merle and welcome her as part of the team.

Testimonials from Satisfied Patients

We are happy to share success stories from happy patients; read below for just some of the positive feedback we receive on a regular basis.

"Dear Dr. Pessis,

"In the spirit of spring renewal, I wish to take a moment to share my gratitude with you. Resulting from a quirk of genetics, I have lived my life suffering an increasing loss of sight and sound, on an eventual course to blindness and deafness. You continue to negotiate an empathetic path forward for me, always exploiting the latest technology and medical research. You have been my rock, for more than forty years, when I have come to you, scared, embarrassed, and self-conscious, challenged by a disability that most people do not see. You always take time to calm me, respect me, and make me feel like your most important partner, while at the same time, creatively problem solving for my next hurdle.

At almost 80, I am still able to hear. Because of your rigor, tenacity, and dedication to your craft, I am again able to hear television and electronic sounds. With the aid of blue tooth streaming, digitized sound signals transmit directly to my cochlear implant from synchronized devices, like my television, phone and computer. Sounds transmit directly to my brain in a room that is silent to others: a once noisy room that was silent for me.

I am no longer afraid, rather I am grateful for the precious sights and sounds I am able to experience: the laughter of my grandchildren, the harrumphing of my children, and the prancing jingle of the dog's tags. Without your expertise and love, I would not have these treasured moments or the calm to indulge in them.

You are much more than my doctor. You are the guardian of my sound, a kind neighbor, a generous friend, and a careful genius.

I adore you."

  ~ SS

"I am so grateful to have read an article in the Health section of the Chicago Tribune a few weeks ago about hearing loss. Since I am a senior, it piqued my interest especially since I've been accusing my grown children and grandchildren of mumbling and swallowing their words.

Listening to conversations at the dinner table, hearing sermons at church, and watching TV were becoming increasingly less pleasurable. What really hit home was when the article in the Tribune suggested untreated hearing loss can lead to a loss of cognitive skills which in turn could lead to dementia. The red light went on for me. I'm almost 87 years old and very active; intellectually, emotionally and health-wise. All I know is that I don't want to lose the ability God has gifted me because I'm not taking care of myself.

Accordingly, I was advised by one of my friends to see Tracy Murphy, Au.D. at North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab to get tested. I did and shall be forever grateful. I did indeed have hearing loss. I was soon thereafter fitted with hearing aids, and I find it hard to believe the difference they make. I have experienced no discomfort after wearing the hearing aids for just two days. I cannot even tell they are in my ears. They are almost invisible but the most important thing is the performance. My children no longer mumble-- they'll never let me live that down-- the TV sound is perfect and I'm sure I will be able to hear my Pastor's sermons."

  ~ Muriel

"I couldn't always hear what my grandchildren were saying and I had to ask them to repeat. While playing cards, the conversation at the table was lost to me. Now it is nice to be part of the conversation."

  ~ Marian

"Most of us go a long time without knowing we need hearing aids. What really woke me up was when my son and daughter-in-law moved into their new home. All I knew was that when everyone congregated into the kitchen, I couldn't hear anything that was going on. I stopped trying. When I got hearing aids, it made a world of difference."

  ~ Dorothy

"I have been a patient at North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab for about 3 years now and in many ways it has made a dramatic and positive difference in my life. I had no idea how much I have been missing. It gives me a totally different feeling of freedom."

  ~ Steve

"I have been coming to NSAVL for about 8 years now. The reason I keep coming back is my Audiologist. She doesn't treat me like a number, she treats me like a person. Bottom line, she genuinely cares about me. I could go to a million other places that are more convenient but I come to Highland Park because of the way they treat me."

  ~ Robert

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