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Comprehensive Assessment of Hearing

Our assessment of hearing is designed to identify disorders that may interfere with the ability to communicate on a daily basis and can ultimately decrease one's quality of life. The test battery aims to measure the degree and type of hearing loss. It includes audiometry and immittance testing for adults and a pediatric-specific test battery when appropriate.

Tinnitus/Hyperacusis Treatment

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and hyperacusis (hypersensitivity to sound) treatment programs are available. Dr. Jill Meltzer works with patients to determine suitable treatment programs.

Click here to learn more about tinnitus and sound sensitivity.

Hearing Aids

North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab is dedicated to providing high quality hearing healthcare. We participate in ongoing continuing education to assure proficiency in the latest hearing aid technology. When hearing aids are indicated, we will provide exceptional service, counseling, and post-fit rehabilitative care. We are sensitive to your unique amplification needs and cosmetic concerns. We also offer hearing aid maintenance and repair services.

Balance Testing/Videonystagmography (VNG)

Videonystagmography testing is used in the evaluation of patients with vertigo or dizziness/imbalance. The test looks to determine if the symptoms are stemming from a dysfunction of the balance system or inner ear.

Non-Sedated Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)

Auditory Brainstem Response testing is an objective, non-invasive procedure that evaluates the integrity of the hearing nerve. In addition, this test can also be utilized to approximate hearing thresholds in newborns and in those patients who may be difficult to evaluate behaviorally.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)

Otoacoustic Emissions testing evaluates cochlear function and is useful in the assessment of newborns, small children and cases of noise exposure, tinnitus and those exposed to medications that are toxic to the hearing system.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD)

These specialized options include: amplified telephones, infrared systems to hear television, inductive loop, bluetooth devices, amplified doorbells, amplified smoke detectors, alarm clocks, etc.

Wireless Communications/FM Systems

There are many wireless products/systems that can be utilized with and without hearing aids to help maximize listening satisfaction. Examples include: remote microphones (allows distant speakers to be heard with clarity), cell phone and TV streaming (allows the sound input to be heard in both ears), and cordless landline phones (allows for amplified hearing).

We also provide conventional FM systems. FM systems are specific Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) used in conjunction with hearing aids. It is a wireless system that uses radio broadcast technology to bring the desired signal directly to one's ears. Typically, a speaker will wear a microphone transmitter that allows the listener to hear from up to 150 feet away. These systems are particularly helpful for individuals who need additional benefit in noisy listening environments (classrooms, restaurants, meetings, etc.).

Ear Protection

Options consist of custom musician's plugs and custom noise plugs. Musician's plugs are available with 9dB, 15dB, and 25dB filters and attenuate equally across the frequency range for a smooth, undistorted response. In-ear monitors are also available, along with specialized wired and wireless headphone options for listening to various audio inputs.

Hearing Aid Repairs and Warranty

All hearing aids obtained through our office come with a manufacturer warranty for repairs and loss/damage. If your hearing aid stops working, we encourage you to schedule an appointment so we can assess the problem. Frequently, we are able to resolve the issue immediately in-office. We pride ourselves on the ability to be diligent in hearing aid repairs, so you can get back to hearing the world around you!

We are also the exclusive local provider for the EarQ Secure 4-Year Warranty, available on all of our EarQ hearing devices; ask us about this during your appointment!

Don't forget: most hearing aid batteries last between 5-10 days (depending upon size and usage).

We can repair most hearing aids, even those that were not obtained from our office.

Technology for Normal Hearing

North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab not only provides options for those looking to improve their quality of life through the use of amplification and assistive devices, we also have audio options for those with normal hearing.

The Dash Pro, tailored by Starkey Hearing Technology, are personalized, wireless, custom-made earphones that connect to bluetooth devices, providing quality audio without interruption. You can enjoy wireless streaming with up to 4GB of internal storage (up to 1000 songs). By obtaining earmold impressions in our office, the devices will be custom molded to the shape of your ear, ensuring the perfect fit.

The headphones also have Automatic Activity Tracking. So, whether you are running, cycling or swimming, the Dash Pro can keep track of your workouts with an on-board activity coach that keeps you motivated with real-time feedback. Heart rate, calories, duration, step count, distance and speed can all be recorded!

Read more about these groundbreaking headphones here.

Counseling for Patients and Families

We understand the decision to obtain a hearing aid can be an arduous process. Our goal is to help patients and their families not only understand hearing, but how a loss of hearing may impact daily communicative function and interaction. We pride ourselves on the ability to achieve optimal success through the use of amplification and other assistive listening devices, but we also strive to explain the realistic expectations of hearing aid function.

We want to work with patients and their family members to create an open line of communication with the goal of improving overall quality of life.

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